Saturday, January 26, 2008

La Hulpe

 Another beautiful day walking the grounds of La Hulpe Castle. We visited the Folon museum again. I just love the room where they have placed one of his statues on a beach facing a picture of the sea. Many of his works have the power to make you feel small and yet at the same time inspire a sense of calm confidence.

We had to end our walk at the taverne de l'homme bleu in homage to Folon. Not sure if the gaufre had anything to do with Folon, sure went down well after the brisk cold.

They have emptied the neighboring pond. Besides the hundreds of kgs of carp they caught a california turtle. Apparently these friendly pets are carnivores and do not rely mesh well with the local ecosystem.

La hulpe castle and grounds web site.
Folon museum web site.

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