Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Latest Chocolate Happenings

The Belgian chocolate industry got some more coverage in the last few weeks. Le Figaro has a profile of Myriam Wittamer. The business started as a bakey in 1910 before evolving into a premium chocolate maker. Wittamer has a flagship store on the Place des Sablons in Brussels near the Pierre Marcolini store. Myriam Wittamer was responsible for relooking Wittamer in 1985 relying on the colour pink to add some cachet to the brand. She then opened some 15 franchise stores in Japan with her father.

Godiva has changed hands with Campbell Soup selling the chocolate company to the Turkish holding Yildiz Holding. Campbell acquired Godiva in 1967 according to the article in the New York Times and grew the annual sales to the current $500 million.

And finally take a look at the blog of Carol Gillot, Paris Breakfasts, for some photos of chocolate maps, those litle explanatory booklets you find in the boxes to guide you in the difficult choice of which praline to devour next.

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