Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Name that Place!

If you're reading this blog, chances are you travel or dream of traveling to places near and far. Sometimes when we travel, we discover places that look surprisingly like home.

When I was a student in France, I promised my grandmother I would go to Cardiff, Wales where her parents were from. She told me about Whales and Welsh traditions all my life while sitting in her living room in Zanesville, Ohio. But my dear grandmother was not one to travel by air. So, already in Europe and on a student budget, I took  buses, trains, boats, another train and bus all the way to Cardiff. My first thought walking out of the bus station was, "Wow, it looks a lot like Zanesville."

So for fun, I'm posting several photographs that I or my husband have taken during some trips to see if you can guess where they were taken. The answers are at the very bottom. I'd love to know how you did. Please leave your score in the comments section.

Have fun!












Before revealing the answers, I must admit I got the idea for this post after playing a similar game on Parkdean's website called Home or Away. Unfortunately, I'm not giving you the chance to win a holiday anywhere, but they are!

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Answers to the above photos:
1) Alabama
2) Cornwall, UK
3) French Alps
4)  Greece
5) Holland
6) French Mediterranean
7) La Hulpe, Belgium
8) NYC
9) Outer Banks, NC
10) Cannes, France
11) Tuscany
12) Wallonian countryside, Belgium