Friday, September 05, 2008

Starbucks, Brussels

Update October 25, 2011:
Starbucks has opened its doors in Gent on Korenmarkt.

Update March 2011:
Belgium now has 3 starbucks at the Brussels airport, 1 at the Antwerp Central Station and 1 in Brussels at the Central Train Station as of April 2011. Full details in this article from

With the opening of Abercrombie & Fitch at 20 boulevard of Waterloo in Brussels sometime in the spring (although I can not find anything official) Brussels would see the arrival of two major american brands. As read in Le Vif.

March 2009:
A few months ago a Starbucks at the Antwerp Central Station was announced for opening in 2009. Concourse A and Concourse B at the Brussels airport now also have Starbucks locations, along with the first location in the departure hall.

Since August we have our first Starbucks in Belgium. OK, not really, it's located in the Brussels airport. I call that international territory. When will they venture into the heart of Belgium and compete with the free speculoos and chocolate wielding local barristas? If you are craving a city experience your closest Starbucks is in Aachen, Germany. A good opportunity to get some culture in (Charlemagne, 500 years of Holy Roman Empire king crowning, cathedral). Afterthought: if you can wait, combine a trip to the local Christmas market with a dose of caramel macchiato!

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